BCW results 2013

BC Wheelers TT’s – 2013

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26th August and 28th August- Coast Rd 21 and 10 (Retro Night)

The final TT’s of the season. A lovely night on Monday 26th August made for a good night of racing. Howie rode a great second place with a PB of 51.21 and Graham came 5th with PB of 55.25. Eamonn was the other LRC rider, riding very well with a 54.36 to give him 4th place. Howie and Eamonn must have legs of steel riding back to back TT’s!


1) Jon Evans (BCW) 50.33
2) Howie Lindow 51.21 PB
4) Eamonn Quinn 54.36
5) Graham Carrick 55.25 PB


Wednesday was the final race of the season, retro night. Many riders turned out on a variety of different steads! From 60’s racers through to ‘Land Rover’ folding bikes and 90’s mountain bikes!

See the gallery for more images!

Eammon, Howie and Graham looking good!

Kent Valley RC – Shap & Back

Two Lakes RC and three BCW riders took part in the annual ‘Shap & Back’ event on Sunday, 25th August organised by Kent Valley RC. The tough 28 mile course saw 25 riders take the start.

Overall winner on the day was Duncan Orme (Lancaster CC) in 1:15:40

Congratulations to all who rode.

Overall placings for local riders were…


Position Rider Time Club
3 Howard Lindow 1:18:00 Lakes RC
6 Glenn Rhodes 1:20:39 Barrow Central Wheelers
8 Adam McBirnie 1:21:40 Barrow Central Wheelers
9 Eamonn Quinn 1:22:15 Lakes RC
10 Gary Todd 1:22:48 Barrow Central Wheelers

21st August- Coast Rd 10

23 riders took part in the 10 tonight on the Coast Rd, 4 from LRC. Howie was the fastest LRC home in a time of 24.20, 3rd place 53 seconds off 1st.
Graham came back with  a PB. Well done to all who rode.


1) Jon Evans (BCW) 23.27
2) Chris Anderson (Biketreks) 24.12
3) Howie Lindow 24.20
8) Eamonn Quinn 25.53
9) Graham Carrick 26.03
11) John Lever 26.25



14th August- Coast Rd 10


A fine ride from Howie, only 45 secs off the course record saw him take first place this week. Well done.


1) Howie Lindow 23.46
2) Sean Casson (BCW) 24.37



7th August- Coast Rd 10

The course record was reset tonight with a fine ride from Jon Evans with a 23.01. Eammon was the only LRC rider with a time of 25.45


1) Jon Evans (BCW) 23.01 – Course Record
2) Col McKenna (BCW) 23.39
7) Eamonn Quinn 25.45


24th July- Coast Rd 21

No LRC riders this week, holidays are here!


17th July- Coast Rd 21

Another nice night down the coast rd for a run on the 21 course due to ‘cone’ issues keeping us off the A590. Howie road his fixed machine for a current record of 53.48. Eamonn and Graham (PB) were the other LRC riders.


1) Glenn Rhodes (BCW) 53.09
2) Graham Pitcher (BCW) 53.17
4) Howie Lindow 53.48 (Fixed)
5) Eamonn Quinn 54.18
8) Graham Carrick 55.34 (PB)





10th July- Coast Rd 21

A win for LRC. Howie road a cracking 52.28 into a brisk headwind on the return to record a first place. The only other LRC rider was Graham with a time of 56.19


1) Howie Lindow 52.28
2) Glenn Rhodes (BCW) 53.59
7) Graham Carrick 56.19



3rd July- Haverthwaite 10.

A nice, calm warm night didn’t bring out the Lakes riders, only Howie competed on the A590 10 course. Graham and Eammon were doing their bit for the cause and marshaling. Good 3rd for Howie. Top testing


1) Jon Evans (BCW) 21.37
2) Oli McKenna (BCW) 21.43
3) Howie Lindow 22.59


26th June- Coast Rd 21.

It was a sunny night with a westerly breeze for the first running of the 21 course on the coast road. PB’s all round for Eammon (fresh from his alps trip) , Graham and Paul who were the only Lakes riders on the night.


1) Oli McKenna (BCW) 48.39
2) Col McKenna (BCW) 50.42
6) Eamonn Quinn 54.13
11) Graham Carrick 55.41
14) Paul Maxwell 1.01.36


19th June- Haverthwaite- 10 miles

A nice, warm night brought out a large field and three riders from LRC: Gaz Spenc, fresh from his accident, Graham Carrick and Paul Maxwell. Gaz finished in 3rd with a time of 22.05. Graham and Paul a bit further back….


1) Oli McKenna (BCW) 21.43
2) Jon Evans (BCW) 21.46
3) Gaz Spencely 22.05
18) Graham Carrick 24.09
26) Paul Maxwell 26.38


12th June- Haverthwaite- 25 miles

An interesting night with a  BCW course record broken, Gaz being knocked off his bike (but thankfully okay) and an incident with tractor drafting! Howie gained a credible 3rd with 58.18.


1) Oli McKenna (BCW) 54.31 (Course Record)
2) Col McKenna (BCW 55.21
3) Howie Lindow 58.18


5th June – Haverthwaite- 10 miles

A warm and calm night brought out 25 riders for the latest 10 mile TT. LRC had 5 riders and on a very competitive did very well with two in the top four, Gaz only 36 seconds off the win and Howie just over a minute behind Jon Evans in 4th. Graham Carrick recorded a PB with 23.57


1) Jon Evans (BCW) 21.20
2) Gary Spencely 21.56
4) Howie Lindow 22.25
11) Andy Gunson 23.18
16) Eamonn Quinn 23.38
19) Graham Carrick 23.57


29th May- Circuit of Coniston- 17 miles

A good night for LRC with 3 riders in the top 6 and ex tester Chris Anderson 3rd.


1) Jon Evans (BCW) 40.01
2) Scott Smith (BCW) 40.28
3) Chirs Anderson (Biketreks) 41.43
4) Gary Spencely 42.04
5) Andy Gunson 42.47
6) Howard Lindow (Fixed) 43.20


22nd May- Haverthwaite- 10 miles

Another sunny night with blustery conditions. The wind seemed to be blowing right down from Coniston and then bouncing in various directions along the A590! Made for tough riding. Only three Lakes riders out tonight, Gaz Spencely posting the quickest time of 22.35 to take 3rd place.


1) Jon Evans (BCW) 21.51
2) Col McKenna (BCW) 22.10
3) Gary Spencely 22.35
7) Andy Gunson 23.58
13) Graham Carrick 24.44


15th May- Haverthwaite – 25 miles

13 riders entered the first 25 mile time trial of the season. It was a sunny evening with a easterly breeze. 4 riders took part from Lakes with returning rider Gary Spencely posting a fast time for the evening of 59.38.


1) Oliver McKenna (BCW) 55.38
2) Jon Evans (BCW) 56.23
4) Gary Spencely 59.38
5) Howard Lindow 1.00.01
7) Eamonn Quinn 1.00.40
12) Mike Newton 1.04.13



8th May- Haverthwaite- 10 miles

A blustery night saw a total of 17 riders, 5 from LRC, take on the A590. Conditions dictated a tough 5 mile out and a fast return! Andy recorded the fastest LRC time and unfortunately John Lever got a DNF next to his name (not sure why?!?).


1) John Evans -BCW 21.52
2) Paul Boardman -BCW 22.22
7) Andy Gunson 24.01
8) Howard Lindow (Fixed) 24.02
10) Graham Carrick 24.24
13) Richard Dixon 25.23
– John Lever DNF




1st May- Circuit of Coniston- 17 miles

A good turn out of Lakes riders competed in the most picturesque TT of the season. Weather was fairly good to us, a northerly breeze blew us back down the west side of the lake. Howard was once again the top Lakes rider posting an excellent time of 42-32 on his fixed. Graham Carrick recorded a PB with a time of 44-32. Richard Dixon did very well to complete the course riding with multiple injuries!


1) Scott Smith- BCW 40.46
2) John Evans- BCW 41.06
7) Howie Lindow 42.37 (Fixed)
9) Andy Gunson 43.14
13) Graham Carrick 44.32
16) Eamonn Quinn 45.01
23) John Lever 47.32
24) Richard Dixon 51.20


24th April- Haverthwaite 10

A sunny night down the A590 but with a bit of a breeze!


1-Oli Mckenna (BCW) 22.11
2-Paul Boardman (BCW) 22.22
4- Howie Lindow 23.06
9- Eamonn Quinn 24.00
16- Andy Gunson 24.25
20- John Lever 25.25


10th April- Coast Road 10

A perfect night down the coast rd saw Barrow Central Wheelers club records fall and personal bests posted.


1-Oli Mckenna  (BCW) 23.07
2-Scott Smith  (BCW) 23.33
7-Howie Lindow (Fixed Record) 25.08
9-Andy Gunson 25.28
11- Eamonn Quinn 25.35


3rd April- Coast Rd 10

The first race was a windy 10 mile TT down the Coast Rd. Best Lakes rider was Howie Lindow on his fixed- 26-59.


1- Col Mckenna (BCW)  24.06
2- Oli Mckenna (BCW)  24.13
11- Howie Lindow  26.59
17- Eamonn Quinn  27.38
18- Graham Carrick   27.55
21-Andy Holliday  32.09










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