Hill Climb Season Report

The hill climb season is upon us, and for those of you who like nothing better than to totally beast yourselves going uphill for a few minutes, what could be better?
There a number of local hill climbs promoted by the BCW, and a few Lakes riders have bitten the bullet and had a go at these!

The first event, held on the 21st August, was the Woodland hill climb. This 1 mile course ascends approximately 140m – and is a horrible climb!
First place out of the 12 riders went to local hill climb aficionado Dave Huck of BCW, who came in with the nights only sub 5 minute ride with a 4:29!
3 Lakes RC riders took part, with Josh Hartley storming up the climb in 5:29 for 6th place, with 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th place being covered by just 6 seconds! Great effort Josh!
Josh Murphy came in 10th place with a 6:41, with Max Nicholson coming in just behind in 6:54 for 11th.
Good effort lads, really tough climb!

Round 2 was the Bigland Hill climb, held on the 28th August. This starts at the Clocktower at Haverthwaite and finishes at the gates to Bigland hall right at the top – a distance of 1.05 miles and an ascent of 160m.
As expected (!), Dave Huck won the event with a time 5:46 – I don’t know how he does it! However, Lakes rider and top climber Josh Hartley , the sole Lakes rider in the event, recorded a cracking time to come in a brilliant second place with a time 6:16 – just edging out Callum Robinson (Manchester University CC) who came in 3rd just 1 second behind! Congratulations Josh, brilliant ride.

Round 3 is the delightful Gamswell Hill Climb, always a pleasure, with a steep descent in the middle of its 1.12 mile distance, tricking you into a false sense of security before you hit the final 25% wall!
This was a very wet and unpleasant night, but Dave Huck still managed to win the event with a course record of 4:55! Seventeen hardy riders took part, including Four Lakes riders. First of them was Josh Murphy with an excellent 6:38 for 6th place, with Phil Smith right on his tail with a 6:41 for 7th – great battle guys!
There was also a very close battle between Mike and Ben Turnough, with Mike coming out on top with a 7:08, just 10 seconds ahead of Ben, for 11th and 12th places respectively.
Good effort all round gents!

The fourth and final round on the 11th September tackled the always pleasant Knotallow climb, rising 160m in 1.2 miles, with some very steep sections at the bottom – proper hard going, before levelling out a little towards the top!
The weather was extremely blustery with a strong headwind at the top of the climb, but that didn’t deter Dave Huck from posting an amazing winning time of 6:08, and getting a clean sweep of all four hill climb events.
There was a good field of 21, with two Lakes riders taking part, with Josh Murphy coming in a cracking 9th place with 8:04 and Max Nicholson coming in not far behind in a time of 8:35 for 13th place.
Well done all who took part!

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