Hill Climb Events 2016

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We are looking forward to some more hill climbs this year and are running them over a period of 5 weeks from Thursday 18th August to Thursday 15th September. Some of the proceeds will be going to the ‘Go fo Jo’ Appeal. Jo Davies sadly died of cancer last year at the young age of 39. She was a highly active and positive member of the local community, if more could live like here the world would be a better place!

Attached is the upcoming events. For course information please see the Barrow Central Wheelers site. Clicking on the appropriate link will give you al you need to know about beasting yourself up a hill! Come and have a go, it is great fun….


25/8. Start Timekeeper Andy Stubbs Finish TK: Steve J Push off: Roger L Marshal 1: Pat H Marshal 2: Sian* Numbers/sign on: Graham


Both the mens and womens course records went on the Woodland Hill Climb tonight.

Dave Huck decided gears were the best choice for this one which turned out to be a wise choice as he shaved 10 seconds off the previous record to come home first in 4:31. Sam from Wheelbase was second and Ollie Mashiter 3rd. His younger brother Ben who is 11…or possibly 12, did a great ride in just over 7 minutes!

Alex Fairer took 22 seconds off the 2012 ladies overall course record with her 7:45, and also got her name on the BCW  record.
Congratulations Dave & Alex.

Big thank you to the timekeepers, marshals and anyone else who helped with the event in any way.

Woodland Hill Climb  – 25th August 2016
Overall BCW Name Time Club
1 1 Dave Huck 00:04:31 Lakes RC
2 Sam Lashley 00:05:17 Wheelbase
3 Oliver Mashiter (J) 00:05:27 Biketreks
4 Paul Mashiter 00:05:32 Lakes RC
5 Oliver Wade 00:05:38 UoMCC
6 Tyla Loftus 00:05:41 Wheelbase
7 Josh Hartley 00:05:44 Lakes RC
8 2 Glenn Rhodes (53″ fixed) 00:05:55 BCW
9 3 Jonny Hill 00:05:56 BCW
10 4 John Brannon 00:06:01 BCW
11 Russ Clark 00:06:03 Guest
12 Chris Gunson (J) 00:06:05 Lakes RC
13 5 Sean Casson 00:06:08 BCW
14 Ian McKenzie 00:06:13 Lakes RC
15 6 Graham Carrick 00:06:15 Lakes RC
16 Mike Vogler 00:06:27 Guest
17 Steve Williams 00:06:29 Lakes RC
18 Steve Darwick 00:06:29 Guest
19 Robert Herdman 00:06:40 Lakes RC
20 Steve Harris 00:06:50 Lakes RC
21 7 John Evason 00:07:05 Lakes RC
22 Ben Mashiter (Juv) 00:07:06 Furness Flyers
23 8 Anthony Pearson 00:07:09 Lakes RC
24 9 Alex Fairer (L) 00:07:45 BCW
Time Keeper: S.Jenkin & A.Stubbs
Marshalls: R.Lindsay, P.Hercberg & P.Revell

Bigland. 18/8. Start Timekeeper: Al  Nelson Finish TK: Steve Jackson Push off: Ant Pearson Marshal 1: Carl B Marshal 2: John L-  Numbers/sign on: Sian


Dave Huck (Lakes RC) smashes Bigland Hill Climb course record

In ideal conditions, and the only rider choosing to ride fixed on the night, Dave Huck smashed the Bigland Hill Climb course record by 28 seconds to set a new mark of 05:22 for the 1.05 mile climb.
Next man up, and the only other rider to go sub 6 minutes was George Wharton (Kent Valley RC Junior) in an excellent 05:51.

It was a shame to see so few riding the event. Hopefully the other 3 in the series will be better attended.

Bigland Hill Climb  – 18th August 2016
Overall LRC Name Time Club
1 1 Dave Huck (fixed) 00:05:22 Lakes RC
2 George Wharton (J) 00:05:51 Kent Valley RC
3 Nigel Wood 00:06:36 Kendal CC
4 Glenn Rhodes 00:07:01 BCW
5 Sean Casson 00:07:19 BCW
6 2 Mike Hutchins 00:07:22 Lakes RC
7 Helen Jackson (L) 00:07:42 Kendal CC
8 3 John Evason 00:07:58 Lakes RC
9 4 Steve Harris 00:08:16 Lakes RC
Time Keeper: S.Jenkin & A.Nelson
Marshalls: A.Pearson & J.Lever



Gamswell 8/9. Start TK: Martyn U Finish TK: Steve J Push off: Craig S Marshal 1: ? Marshal 2: Sian? Numbers/sign on: Sian* –

Knottallow, 15/9. Start TK: Martyn U Finish TK: Steve J Push off: Craig S Marshal 1: Colin Garnett Marshal 2: Sharon L Marshal 3: Al Nelson Numbers/sign on: Sian

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