NEW INTERCLUB CHALLENGE 2015. Represent your club in new competition.

The Final table for this year is below. If there is anything that can be improved, changed etc please shout up.

Have a look at the table  80 riders + some guests rode these events and some great performances at all levels

Wild Boar Fell

This was the final event in the Inter club hilly series (Circuit of Wild Boar Fell) The weather was good just a bit windy. Thanks to all the Marshall’s etc for yesterday and for all the Organizes Timekeepers Marshall’s helpers for the whole series,


A cracking nights racing! See full results here.

Jungle Cafe

There was no LRC riders competing in this leg of the series. However, a good event was won by Tom Brooks from LCC. Updated table below. Next event is our own hill climb on Knotallow, Thursday 13th at 7pm. See you all there.

Interclub Trophy

Wednesday 8th July 2015 saw the five local racing teams battle it out on the Levens 25TT course in blustery conditions. The trophy race was resurrected last year and this year all the organisation has again been done by Andy Barlow and the KVRC.
The fastest three riders times from each team are combined to give an overall result. LRC were represented by Derek Leggett, Craig Steele, Darren Brackwell, Dave Huck, Kieran Lacey, Peter Denness and Howie. Unfortunately ‘Captain’ Chris Anderson was unable to take the start line.
The fastest time was set by RYAN COULTON at 53:48 and the trophy was taken by CLEVELEYS with their top three making 166.31. Next in was LCC with their combined effort making 168:53.
A stunning 56:06 ride from 953 STEELE was good for 6th overall & helping to reduce our time to 174:37. We finished THIRD TEAM with Fastas, Howie and Kieran all cracking the hour. Daz went painfully close, and Pete not far behind. Derek put in a brave effort against some serious wind resistance.

KVRC were next team at 175:24, and BCW put in a good race with 177.
Notable local rider results were Adam McBirnie hitting 58:17, Peter Thomas at 56:59 and kudos to Glenn Rhodes riding fixed 1:04:42.

A big thankyou to Andy, KVRC, Mike Speight and everyone who put on a marshals bib, held a clipboard and did the maths, and all the work behind the scenes. It was another great night of racing.
Cheers, Howie.

Results here-  Result sheet 2015

Coast Rd 21

A great turn out from local riders in the most recent leg of the competition. Dave Huck got third position- full results here. Updated table is below

Jubilee Tower

Top three in the recent hill climb- Well done to Dave and Craig- Brilliant results. Dave getting his revenge on George Wharton!

Top 3 – Jubilee Tower 22nd June 2015

1 Dave Huck Lakes Road Club 07:30.4 50
2 George Wharton Kent Valley Road Club 07:42.9 49
3 Craig Steele Lakes Road Club 07:49.1 48

Condor Bottoms

Well done to Dave, coming 3rd in a very competitive race, only 1.5 seconds off top spot!!

Top 3- Condor Bottoms- 15th June 2015

Ryan Coulton Better Cycling 01:56.8
George Wharton Kent Valley Road Club 01:57.8
Dave Huck Lakes Road Club 01:58.0

Get your race face on because Andy Barlow at KVRC has spent winter co-coordinating a series of local club races for us all. There will be a mixture of local courses including the coastal 21TT, HCs & some other lumpy races you may never have tried.

The intention is to give riders a chance to test out new courses and a crack at club glory.

Not that we cyclists are competitive, but in a nutshell its a team event that pits all local racing clubs against each other in a simple points format. LRC, BCW, KVRC, Lancaster and Lune.  There has been a very kind donation of a trophy to be contended for.

The format is as follows.

Hilly Interclub

How it works.  Teams can bring as many riders to each race as they want. 50 points for 1st, 29points for second and so on  (Only interclub team riders gain points – LCC KVRC Lune Lakes BCW Cleveleys), the club with the biggest amount of points no matter how many riders they have, win the interclub hilly series. Mabel, Derek’s wife has offered a Trophy for the series.

Interclub Results Table
Round Lakes RC Barrow Kent Valley Lune Lancaster
 Bigland HC 233  172  90  –  40
 Old Hutton  94  – 318  43
 Conder Bottoms  49  –  124  84 581
Jubilee Tower  98  –  243  36  403
Coast Rd 21  406  327  333  115  37
Jungle Cafe  –  –  661  –  47
Knotallow HC  366  309  151  87
Shap and Back  47  619  94


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So whether you’re a budding mountain goat, a 10mile wonder or a nasty SPOCO grinder YOUR CLUB NEEDS YOU (I am none of the above!)…..