It’s SpoCo Time Again!

The 2019 SpoCo season has kicked off, and club member Eamonn Quinn has written a report on the season so far….

SPOCO Time trialling Update Spring 2019

Lakes riders Eamonn Quinn and Chris Anderson are again representing the club at the Lancs and Lakes SPOCO (sporting courses) time trial events.

Run over distances from 11 to 50 miles and usually over hilly terrain, they can be gruelling events.

The weather this year has also played a part, with 2 events that Eamonn entered including the iconic Circuit of Ingleborough cancelled due to either snow or flooding.

The SPOCO season started, ironically, on a warm dry sunny day in February with the 11 miles Bolton by Bowland TT, which Eamonn describes as “5 miles of climbing followed by 6 miles downhill”.(Note:- it isn`t in reality!). Eamonn completed his ride in a respectable 29-31.

The next event was the Circuit of Pendle. However road changes have led to a new course being substituted. Alas the old Circuit of Pendle appears gone for ever.

The new course was 30 miles along the A59 at Clitheroe, held on 3rd March. Chris rode this in an excellent time of 1-18-39 to gain 1st Vet 50 prize. Eamonn found the very course hard completing it in 1-26-40.

The Circuit of Ingleborough was cancelled due to snow and Eamonn`s next event at Knowe Green also cancelled due to poor weather on 16th March. However Chris rode a very good 58-24 on the Caton/Kirby Lonsdale 21 mile circuit on the 17th March.

Strong winds, this time cross winds were a feature of the Lazonby 20 mile TT on 24th March. Eamonn rode a relatively slow time of 1-02-04 but was glad to finish the circuit. Chris on the other hand rode an excellent 53-51 for the 3rd Vet 50 prize.

The Circuit of the Dales was on the 7th April and for once the gruelling 50 mile TT was ran in reasonable weather with an Easterly tail wind for the final 20 miles! Chris managed another superb ride of 2-22-03 with Eamonn coming in at 2-34-44.

At the time of writing Eamonn Quinn is currently 6th overall in the league and 1st Vet 50, with 5 events completed. Chris Anderson is 12th overall and 2nd Vet 50 with 4 events completed.

However the season has only just started and that will undoubtedly change before the season ends in June!

Eamonn Quinn. April 2019.

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