Lakes Road Club Ulverston Summer Road Race 2018 and Next Social Event

The next LRC social event will be at Crofters pub on Holbeck on Sunday, 15 July 2018 to watch the 9th stage of the Tour de France to coincide with the Lakes Road Club Ulverston Summer Road Race 2018.

This stage of the Tour is bound to be a spectacle – the route runs from Arras to Roubaix and takes in fifteen stretches of pave and could be critical to the outcome of the Tour.

This will follow 1st LRC Ulverston Road race, therefore rather than a social ride we hope you can help out with this event, marshalling etc then we can all go watch the fun and games on the cobbles.

Watch the TDF ride over this lot with the LRC on the 15th July!
Watch the TDF ride over this lot with the LRC on the 15th July!

We’ve already recruited a team of people who’ve generously agreed to give their time to help in the organisation of the event, but we need more help on the day!

Therefore, we’re looking for a team of marshals to help on race day. In order to make the event as safe and as professional as possible we’re looking for as many marshals as possible – we need at least 25 for the event.

You’ll need to be at the Race HQ in Ulverston from 9:00am and will need to be in position until around 12:30pm (say 1:00pm at the latest) on Sunday 15th July.

Before the event you’ll be allocated a specific location, so you know where you will be and what you’ll be doing.

On the day you’ll be provided with a Hi Viz vest and signage / flags where required.

There will also be British Cycling Accredited Marshals in attendance at all major junctions, who are legally allowed to stop traffic and will be equipped with 2 way radios and be in contact with each other, the race HQ, Race Commissaires and the moto riders from the British Cycling National Escort Group.


Please help your club put on a top notch event and help promote cycling in your area by helping out on this event. It promises to be a good morning’s racing and a good crack for everybody involved as well, followed by a great afternoon at Crofters watching Le Tour De France!

Club member and all round star Eamonn Quinn has kindly taken on the position of Chief Marshal, so please can you email Eamonn if you’re prepared to help out at or reply to the post on the club’s Facebook page.

The Lakes RC Social Team, headed up by another all round star, Carolyn Brown, is organising the social event at Crofters, so if you’d like to attend, please email Carolyn at or reply to the post on the club’s Facebook page.

Thanks everyone and we look forward to hearing from you.

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