Super 6 Series Report

Photo (c) Fred Chilton
Photo (c) Fred Chilton

Richard Dixon has recently taken part in the TLI Super 6 Series – a race series run under TLI rules, jointly promoted by 3 clubs – Liverpool Mercury- Dolan, Kuota RT and St Helens CRC.

TLI Races are age related so the good thing about them is that you can still place in your age group, even if you’re not winning the actual race overall.  In some races there are multiple groups in different age ranges setting off at around 2 minute intervals.  The only down side to this series was that there were only 2 groups on the road – under 50’s and over 50’s, which meant that Richard was racing against 16 years old upwards, and therefore was pretty much guaranteed to get a beating!  Fortunately there were a few other 45 to 50 year olds in the race for him to get a kicking with!

Races 1 and 2 were run at Bickerstaffe in Lancashire – both were fast, with average speeds of just under 27 mph!  Both races enjoyed the good summer weather and a good field as a result.

Race 1 on the 12th July was marred by a horse from a local farm escaping and running out right into the middle of the bunch!  Fortunately both the horse and all the riders were unhurt, but that did mean that the front half of the bunch sailed off into the distance while the rear of the bunch had to stop – for a week earned breather!  That did mean race over, but it was still hard fought for the minor placings, with Richard coming in 8th in his age group.

Photo (c) Fred Chilton
Photo (c) Fred Chilton

Race 2 was super fast and Richard got dropped from the front group but carried on and finished the race with the second group on the road, so although not getting a result, getting some good experience and training!


The remaining 4 races took place at Pimbo near Skelmersdale, a delightful circuit around an industrial estate, affectionately known as the “Pimbodrome”, whose main redeeming feature is that on one corner of every lap you go past a popcorn factory and get a lovely popcorn aroma to keep you going!

its a flat and fast circuit, nice and wide and is good to race on overall – although it’s only kind of flat as there are some long drags- only slightly uphill but boy do you notice it!

Richard missed race 3 through illness, finished in the middle of the bunch in race 4, placing 8th in his age group, marshalled race 5 (all riders  race 5 and marshal 1 event) and placed 7th in race 6.

So overall a great series, with hard but fair racing – Richard has said he’ll be back looking to improve next year.



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