Time Trial Roundup August 2017 Part 2

There was a good field of 30 for the Coast Road 10 promoted by the BCW on the 23rd August – with Dave Huck coming out on top with a 23:02, pushed hard by Lakes RC’s Kev Chadwick, still on cracking form, who came in 2nd with a 23:14 – great ride Kev!

It was a tough night, coll and with a strong headwind out, making for overall slower times and a not particularly pleasant experience!

Josh Hartley posted a cracking time of 26:22 to come in joint 11th for the Lakes, followed by a quartet of Lakes riders in quick succession, the first of which was John Lever in 15th with a 26:44 – a good time and a result of an experiment – ditching the TT bike and getting his aero bars on his road bike – maybe slightly less aero but enabling a better power output perhaps?

Following closely in 16th was Eamonn Quinn with a 26:56, and a surprise entrant coming in 17th with a cracking 27:12 on his standard road bike,  Phil Smith, now relocated back to Barrow and looking mean, lean, and on form!  The last of this quartet in 18th was Richard Dixon with a 27:29.

Ian Singleton did a good ride to come in 20th with a 28:21,and he was followed by Chris Bugler, recording a 29:11 for 23rd.

A good effort by all concerned, nice one, and particular congratulations to Kev, on the ‘podium’ again, well done!

The next week, 30th August, saw the final 10  promoted by the BCW this season, again on the Coast Road course.  This was a reasonable night – breezy, but slightly less so than the previous week, cool but still sunny.

A decent field of 21 made the start, with the winner being Henry Moss of BCW with a 24:28.  5 Lakes RC riders made the start, with Richard Dixon being the first finisher with a 25:51 for 5th place.  The next three places were taken up by lakes riders, with Phil Smith beating his time for the previous week and coming in 6th with a 26:19, pushed close by Josh Hartley with a 26:24 for 7th, in turn pushed close by John Lever, also beating his previous weeks time with a 26:36 for 8th.

Chris Bugler rounded out the top 10, recording a good time of 27:12, nice to see 5 of the top 10 being Lakes RC riders!

Nice one gents, a good finish to the season.

We hope to see a few more of you next season – the TT’s are a good way to get into some competition – local and easy to get to, with a good camaradie and healthy competition – come and give it a go!

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