Training Tips

Group Ride Training Tips

  • Please don’t shout at colleagues, talk to them responsibly we all respond to that
  • If you have to look behind put your hand on the shoulder next to you
  • Start of steady 15 to 17 mph increase to a comfortable pace
  • Change one frequently at the front at the start of the ride
  • Change two later in the ride especially into a head wind.
  • Concentrate at all times keeping line round corners. Try not to drift out
  • Keep approximately 12” from the rider in front
  • When clearing throat spit under your arm
  • If you have to clear your nose do it downwards
  • When getting out of the saddle keep pressure on the pedals to stop your back wheel from hitting the person behind
  • Be vigilent inform the rider behind about obsticles on the road
  • Inform riders of cars bearing down or coming up/through
  • The way a group train might not work for you and therefore there is no problem with you leaving the group. If it does not work for you that’s fine
  • Anybody new discuss their fitness turn them round or get them to meet us coming back.
  • Talk to newcomers (encouragement we all respond to it) discuss the way we do things, what works well.  You all know what that is.  Point them to meetings/events/indoor sessions.
  • When we hit an incline that slows us don’t worry about maintaining the same speed. The speed should automatically be slower.  (Therefore maintain a pace for the group).  If somebody breaks from the pack let them go even on the flat.  Don’t get suckered into chasing them.
  • As a group we can ride faster, further, get fitter and more importantly build a good base what ever the discipline your doing
  • Tapping through and off – When the situation is right, tapping through and off saves plenty of energy and is a great way to ride.