Chain Gang Kicks off in Style

The 2019 Lakes RC Chain Gang is now live!

Meet every Tuesday at 6:00pm at Roose Cons Club.  The ride starts with a warm up for the the first few miles, going down the Coast Road to Aldingham, then back to Roosebeck and then laps of Leece – 3, 4 or maybe in mid summer even 5!

There are two groups that set off – an ‘A’ and ‘B’ group, so that should cater for all abilities – all welcome, come and try it!

A chain gang is all about improving – so it is tough, and if you’re dropped the group won’t wait – its not a club run, it is a training ride.  But don’t worry, getting dropped and coming back and improving is what it is all about, and those that get dropped will usually form other groups so that you can still carry on and get a good ride in – you don’t have to go straight home when you’ve got dropped.

Its tough but great fun – so see you there!

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