Open Series 2015

National Hill Climb Championship

What an end to a very successful season for Lakes RC! Dave and Craig competed in the season ending National Hill Climb in Yorkshire only a matter of seconds behind overall winner Richard Bussell (04:15:16) to finish 19th (Dave 04:44:3) and 27th (Craig 04:51:4) ) in the senior category. Great to see not one, but two people from the club competing very well at such a high standard! Chapeau!

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Huddersfield Star Wheelers Granville Sydney Memorial hill climb

Sunday 11th October

As expected it was a very strong field with the National Champs due to be held on the same course in a couple of weeks. The top three were Dan Evans (Team Elite/Paul Bethall Electrical) in 04:11.0, Adam Kenway (SportGrub Kuota Cycling Team) in 04:15.8, and Joe Clark (Team Envelopemaster) in 04:17.8. I had a bit of a disaster by snapping my chain during my warm up but managed to just about fix it in time for the start, and in the end I placed 13th in 4:34.1. Local rider Niall Patterson (VC Cumbria) also rode, coming in in 4:47.5 to place 19th. A fantastic event with 96 riders taking part, and the hope is for similarly dry conditions in two weeks!

Dave Huck

Lancaster – Jubilee Towers and Condor Bottoms

Dave became the North Lancashire Regional Hill Climb Champion on Sunday. Winning in the morning up Condor Bottom Hill then pulling out another win for the Championship 2 hours later up Jubilee Towers against a very strong field! 4 weeks till the National Champs and looking good.

Whinlatter HC

Just me representing the club at the Whinlatter Hill TT today (Sunday 20th September). As expected a pretty strong field but decent conditions. Having taken some pre-race advice from John ‘You can do that in the big ring’ McMinn, I found I didn’t quite have the guns to pull off Whinlatter in a 52 chainring. After a lactic acid explosion just after half-way I managed to snake my way over the rest of the climb to finish in 7:34. Only three seconds separated 2nd to 4th places with me ending up 4th. Top four were: Chris Dyke Manchester BC (7:17); Martin Mikkelsen-Barron (7:31); Niall Paterson (7:33); Craig Steele (7:34).

Craig Steele

2015 Hospice hill climb series

Through last year’s hill climbs, Summer CX, the Crit and Wils sports massage we raised £382 for St Mary’s Hospice in Ulverston. A big ‘Thank you’ to everyone who contributed to the total in their own way.

Hill Climbs

Tommy Moore riding the Kirkby Slate Road Hillclimb

  1. Thursday 23rd April 18.30hrs  Bigland Hall /Clocktower HC. Results/Write up/Pics!

2.Friday 22nd May 1900hrs   Woodland HC. Results/Write up/Pics!

3.Tuesday 16th June 1900hrs    Gamswell HC. Results

4. Thursday 13th August 1900hrs    Knottallow HC

Inter-Club Hospice Hill Climb – Knottallow – 13th August 2015

What a top night of racing! This was a fitting end to the local hill climb series with riders coming from all over the area to either compete in the inter-club competition or just test themselves on the beauty of a hill that is Knottallow!!

Lovely conditions and a competitive field saw records tumble at the top.

Niall Paterson of Honister 92 certainly found it to his liking, smashing the previous course record by 33seconds, to finish in 5:47. In fact the top 4 riders all broke the previous record. Congratulations!

The competition continued further down the course with 6 riders being separated by 6 seconds!

There were 9 riders from LRC and also 9 from BCW. The local inter-club Hospice Hill Climb Trophy was won by Lakes RC…

Craig Steele & Howard Lindow (Lakes RC) – 13:08
Glenn Rhodes & Sean Casson (BCW) – 14:26

Congratulations also to the following who recorded course PB’s…
Kieran Lacey, Glenn Rhodes, Graham Carrick & Roger Lindsay.

All in all, a fitting end to the Hospice Hill Climb series, and a credit to the organiser Howard Lindow.

Many thanks from everyone.

Overall BCW Name Time Club
1 Niall Paterson 05:47 Honister 92
2 George Wharton (J) 06:05 Kent Valley RC
3 Tom Brook 06:07 Lancaster CC
4 Craig Steele 06:14 Lakes RC
5 John Brown 06:26 Guest
6 Ashley Ryan 06:43 Honister 92
7 1 Howard Lindow 06:54 Lakes RC
8 2 Kieran Lacey 06:57 Lakes RC
9 Josh Hartley 06:59 Guest
10= 3 Glenn Rhodes 07:06 BCW
10= Mike McIver 07:06 Ulverston Tri Club
12 Campbell West 07:16 Kent Valley RC
13 4 Sean Casson 07:20 BCW
14 5 Duncan Eley 07:21 BCW
15 6 John Evason 07:22 Lakes RC
16 7 Graham Carrick 07:23 Lakes RC
17 Callum Findlay 07:24 Lakes RC
18 Ben Cooper 07:25 Lancaster CC
19 8 Roger Lindsay 07:31 BCW
20 Keith Haw 07:32 Lakes RC
21 Cian Nutt 07:39 Lakes RC
22 John Brown 07:41 Lakes RC
23 Richard Lewis 07:59 Guest
24 Ryan Parkinson 07:58 Kent Valley RC
25 9 Euan McKinnon 08:03 BCW
26 Richard Belk 08:51 Kent Valley RC
27 Amanda Howard (L) 08:55 Kent Valley RC
28 10 John Brannan 09:01 BCW
29 11 Alex Fairer (L) 09:03 BCW
30 12 Paul McKenny 09:26 BCW
31 13 J.P. Worthington 10:07 BCW
Time Keepers: Steve Jenkin & Dan Chadwick
Marshalls: C.Brown, A.Nelson, I.Saunders, M.Lindow, Daisy,Eve,Freya,Heidi & Roz Lindow

A fantastic turnout on just about the perfect night for a hill climb. No wind and warm, and it resulted in some stellar times.