For the second year running now we will be entering and hosting one event in the inter club competition. It ran really well last year and hope to see as many, if not more faces down this year!

Competing Clubs          Barrow Central Wheelers, Cleveleys R C,  Kendal Cycling Club, Kent Valley Road Club,  Lakes R C,  Lancaster CC and  Lune RCC.

Please can all none promoting Clubs please offer support of Marshalling and help in running these events to promoting Clubs.

When it come to the Interclub 25 in July  I hope all riding clubs will offer 2 Marshalls to help run this event as it is very heavy on Marshalls

CTT Web site links will be updated when New CTT web site goes live, Links below are on current Web site 14.03.2016

Open events need to be entered by the close date on the event web site internet entries and postal entries need to be received by the event organizer by that date. Postal entries need to fill in an Open TT entry form and Cheque enclosed.  Postal enter form can be down loaded from the CTT web site.

Club events can usually be entered on the day.  Info to follow for club entry date etc.

Inter club point extracted from open results 50 -0 point only inter club riders get points for the interclub series.

Riders who road race for  1 club  and do not Time Trail for that club may enter the series with their second claim Club when entered under that club, this Club will be counted for them all this year so please respect which club you race / Time Trial for.

All events below are Time Trials

Event 1 KVRC Sunday 10th April  Circuit of Wild Boar Fell  Open event  30                 10.00hrs

CTT Open event

Course info

Event 2  KVRC    Wed  25th   May    Milnthorpe Open events 15                                  19:00hrs

CTT Open event

Couse Info

 Event 3 BCW    Wed   01st June Circuit of  Coniston Club Event                                19.00Hrs   Enter on the night TBC?

Course Info ton/circ_coniston.htm” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>

Event 4 LCC     Mon 27th     June    Jubilee towers Hill Climb Club Event                   19.00 hrs

Enter on the night /Email /Teamer TBC ?

Couse Info

Event 5 BCW   Wed 06th    July     21 Club Event (Furness Trophy)                          19.00 hrs

Enter on the night TBC?

Couse Info

Event 6 KVRC   Sunday 21st Aug Shap and Back Hilly Club Event   28mile TT             10.00 Hrs

Pre enter Preferred for all (KVRC Handicap)

Couse Info

Event 7 BCW / Lakes RC Hilly TBC

Event 8 LCC   Sunday 25th September Conder Bottoms Open event                           10.00 Hrs

CTT Open event

Couse Info

 Event 9 LCC   Sunday 25th September Jubilee towers     Open  event                      12.00 Hrs

CTT Open event

Couse Info

Interclub 25 Information to follow


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