Riding in the Costa Blanca

Richard Dixon has just come back from a fortnight in the Costa Blanca on the eastern coast of Spain, and did a few rides while he was out there.

Its a great area for riding – quite a few club members have ridden out there – or even have a place out there.  Its so good that a lot of the pro teams have winter training camps there, usually based in Calpe, so a good place to latch on to the back of some pro teams if you’re out there in February / March time.

There some great roads, flat on the coast and some great climbing inland, where its generally very quite with good road surface and great descents as well!

While he was there, Richard did a few of the local well known climbs, including, Rafol d’Almunia, Vall d’Gallinera, Vall d’Ebo and Coll de Rates, some of them by himself, some with the local club.  Great fun, but tough going when the temperature was getting up to 32 – 33 degrees!

He finished his rides with a quick ascent up the Puig de la Llorenca, just a couple of miles from where he was staying, just a week before a stage of the Vuelta finished there.  Its an interesting climb, only 4 or 5 km but an average gradient of around 11%, with some parts quite a bit steeper than that too, so rideable, but the thought of riding it in the Vuelta – racing up it twice after a 100 mile stage in the middle of a Grand Tour doesn’t sound like much fun!

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Its a great area for riding and plenty of ways to get there and great places to stay – and a great cycling scene – highly recommended!

Please send any more holiday cycling pics and stories in and we’ll get them up on the site!

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