About Us

The ‘Lakes’, as it’s often known, is a friendly cycling club of keen cyclists who enjoy getting out and doing all sorts of riding

The club in a nutshell

The ‘Lakes’, as it’s often known, is a very friendly non-formal club of keen cyclists who enjoy getting out doing all sorts of riding. We don’t go in for committees – we’d rather just have a club get-together at a pub when needed to sort things out.

A Lot More Than just Road Riding

The club name is a bit misleading now. It dates from 1977, when the club was set up to provide for riders who wanted to road race – the other clubs in the area concentrated on time trialing. But nowadays we do a lot more than just road riding – members go mountain biking, ride cyclo-cross races, mountain bike races, time trials, road races, sportives, leisure cycling – the full range.

Club Rides

There are club rides each week, often several. The standard one is Sunday morning, stretching into afternoon a bit, but there are often also groups going out on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, depending on who’s available and what the weather is like.

The standard meeting point is the bus lay-by at the top of Melton Brow between Dalton and Lindal. For details, see our Rides page and Meeting Points map.